Sex Toys for Lazy People?

Hi. My name is Jane and I am lazy in bed.

Since I am a sex blogger, it’s not easy to admit my lazy sexual disposition. People expect me to be sexually athletic, or at the very least, sexually motivated. The truth is that–with the exception of some correctional hip gyrations every now and then–I like moving as little as possible when I’m having sex. I don’t get on top unless I’m asked. I like being talked to but I don’t say a word. I pray that every guy I wind up with has a dominant side so I can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Luckily, earlier this year I found myself in a position of employment where I have the privilege to explore sex toys for lazy people like me. No, I’m not a for-hire submissive. I work for PriveCo, the world’s most private company! PriveCo owns online stores like, and 

When I first began working at PriveCo, I walked through their glorious warehouse of sex toys and thought about all of the amazing possibilities. Since I am part of PriveCo’s main demographic (professional American women), I asked myself, “what do I, as a professional American woman, feel most embarrassed about, sexually?” The answer: my laziness in the bedroom. is my personal project at PriveCo. On this site, I will direct you to sex toys for lazy people like me. All of the toys I talk about are available through one of PriveCo’s fine online retail stores (it was just really convenient for me). I’ll direct you how to maximize their use so that you can exert as little effort as possible. I’ve also scattered some Deep Thoughts about lazy sex throughout the site…keep your eyes peeled!

Remember: Lazy sex is a preference. There’s nothing wrong with liking lazy sex and there’s nothing wrong with you.